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PVC Coated Double horizontal wire fence

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PVC Coated Double horizontal wire fence provides a multi-purpose welded stencil with double horizontal lines. Each steel plate has a double 8 mm wire weld on either side of the 6 mm vertical line, giving the intruder little chance of a breakthrough. Use a sturdy clip to secure the panel to the steel column and secure it with a hexagonal safety screw. There are no visible fasteners on the back of the column. 

PVC Coated Double horizontal wire fence is made of high quality low carbon steel wire and galvanized wire, then pvc coated. The popular color is the green RAL 6005. It looks modern and attractive.

PVC Coated Double horizontal wire fences are mainly used for safety protection of construction sites, residential buildings, sports fields, warehouses, highway or airport service areas, railway stations, etc.

Heights range from 1030 to 2430 mm.

The panel has a 30 mm vertical barb that can be placed on the top or bottom. 
GIANT Classic's horizontal reinforcement gives the panel greater rigidity.

The popular wire diameters are 6 + 5 + 6mm and 8 + 6 + 8mm, and the mesh is 50 x 200mm. Others are available. The struts are made of steel pipe sections with threaded inserts for fixing the steel mesh clamps. Additional fixtures are provided to accommodate the stepping of the panel on which the fence is mounted.

The general postal part is 60×60mm, and other parts are available for selection.

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