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Hebei giant metal technology co., LTD., specializing in the production of bilateral silk guardrail network, coexist with a large number of spot, a variety of specifications, can be customized, welcome new and old customers call advisory 18330856537 qq2457262038

Product advantages

1. The product structure is simple and less materials are used, so the project cost is low;2. Very convenient for long-distance transport;

3. The bottom of the purse Seine and the brick and concrete wall are built as a whole to effectively overcome the weakness of the insufficient stiffness of the net and enhance the protective performance;

4. The installation is not affected by the terrain, especially suitable for hilly areas;

5. High efficiency anti-corrosion and long service life main market golf course/ski resort encircling the net and seal the mountain development protection area planting agricultural development zone encircling the boundary road traffic is closed.

USES: bilateral guardrail is mainly used for municipal green space, garden flower bed, unit green space, road, airport, port green space fence.Its product has modelling beautiful, design and color diversity, have fence effect already, have beautification effect again.This product has simple grid structure, beautiful and practical: easy to transport, installation is not restricted by relief;Especially for mountain, slope, multi - curved zone adaptability;The price is medium and low, suitable for large area.

Surface treatment:

Cheaper and faster treatment: cold galvanized: white;Spray: green, white, red, black, yellow and so on.

Common treatment: dip: grass green, dark green, white, yellow, black, red, etc.

Anti-corrosion performance ** treatment: adopt hot-dip galvanizing treatment, anti-corrosion performance for life.

About bilateral guardrail network product specifications:

1. The dip filament warp is 3.5mm--7.0mm;

2, mesh 75mm x 150mm, 90mm*170mm and other hole types;

3. Size: height: 1800mm*3000mm; height: 2400mm x 3000mm;

4. Column: 48mm x 0.5-3mm;

5. Accessories: rainproof cap, connection card, anti-theft bolt;

(specific specifications can be customized according to your requirements)

For the bilateral guardrail network in the installation should pay attention to a few problems 1, in the construction process is not allowed to cause any damage to the underground facilities.2. When the column of guardrail is driven too deep, the column shall not be pulled out and corrected. It shall be driven after the foundation is rebuilt, or the position of the column shall be adjusted.The hammer force should be controlled when approaching the depth in construction.3, if the installation of the bridge on the highway to install flange, pay attention to the location of flange and column top elevation control.4, if the bilateral guardrail network is used as a collision barrier, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process, construction should pay attention to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, strengthen construction management, the installation quality of the isolation grid to ensure.

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