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Low Price Concertina Razor Barbed Wire for Sale

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Razor Wire 5

Razor Barbed Wire also called concertina barbed wire .Razor Barbed Wire is installed without clips; it runs in natural loops on walls or fencing. As its corrosion resistance, high level of defence,Razor Barbed Wire is welcomed by consumers in domestic and global market.

Common specification

• standard: BTO-22

• Crossed type

• blade thickness: 0.5mm

• wire diameter: 2.5mm

• blade length: 22mm

• blade width:16mm,

• blade spacing: 35mm

• standard covering length: 8m

• surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized plate stamping

Razor barbed wire as a premier security materials with a efficient ability to enhance the whole mesh fence system meanwhile the gallow uncalled strange person ,make the clear countries border line ,protecting and overawe.Concertina barbed wire is the things like this compare with barbed wire its more powerful and more conditions control for you house site security .

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