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Looking for Steel Wire Mesh Fence

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Steel wire mesh fence network, factory fence, highway fence network, steel mesh protection net features: the wire mesh fence surface is made of high quality steel plate punching and drawing. Also known as anti-stun network, expansion net, anti-glare net, stretch net steel mesh. The mesh is evenly connected, three-dimensional; the horizontal is transparent, the joint is not welded, the whole is firm and strong, and the shear resistance is strong; the net body is light, novel, beautiful and durable. Anti-stun function has become an important use. Especially for highways, the stalks of the stencil of the steel wire mesh fence can effectively alleviate the dizziness caused by the strong light of the other party when driving at night. Make highway driving more comfortable and safe.

 Steel wire mesh fence specifications: steel plate thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm. Mesh shape: hexagonal honeycomb, diamond, rectangle. Mesh specification: 25×40mm--160×210mm variety of mesh specifications.

 Main Markets of wire mesh fence: wire mesh fence widely used in highway anti-stun network, urban roads, military barracks, national defense borders, parks, building villas, residential quarters, sports venues, airports, road green belts, etc. as barriers, fences, etc.

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