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Is it possible to have prestige wire mesh fencing for wild animals?

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How to safeguard the human security without harming animals?Prestige wire mesh fencing will definitely work better than a trap crop. It is can Limit pest access.

With the decline of natural habitats and blurred borders, look for suitable fences to protect orchards, vineyards and valuable landscaping from the challenges of hungry deer and other herders. Ripe fruit bushes, lush vineyards, and even newly planted vegetation around your home may attract deer and ignore them. On the other hand, commercial deer farming has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.


There is news:

“ a moose broke a Ft. St. John School District office. So sadly the moose had not learned how to open doors prior.”


a moose broke a school

Whether you want to keep small livestock or poultry safely in your terrain, or are looking for ways to avoid wild boars and foxes, prestige wire mesh fences will become a versatile, safe and sustainable option.A prestige wire mesh fence is a rural fence that safely defines your pasture or forest.You can design the fence to your liking.

The height of each animal
The height of the prestige wire mesh fence depends on its use. Would you like to close the forest or deer ranch? We then recommend a height of 1.9 meters. For other animals, such as chickens or sheep, a lower fence is sufficient.

You can refer to the table below:

Fence Height( mm )

Panel :W X H (mm)

Post Height

Mesh Opening



2015mm x 886mm


65mmx 200mm





2015mm x 1086mm



2015mm x 1286mm



2015mm x 1486mm



2015mm x 1686mm



2015mm x 1886mm



2015mm x 2086mm


Finish :Galvanized with PVC powder coating Black or Dark gree

Also suitable for horse ranch

Do you place sheep and horses on the same pasture? This is a wise choice: while your horse only eats the best grass, sheep keep the rest of the pasture clean. In this case, we recommend that you combine a wooden fence with a prestige wire mesh fence up to the first beam.

In this case, make sure that the mesh in the wire is narrow enough so that the distance between the wires is small so that the horseshoe cannot pass through. This way, your horse will not get stuck and hurt.

If you choose a high-quality wire mesh, you can pull the wire tightly to make the fence look neat. It prevents the screen from sagging after two years. To use prestige wire mesh fencing for many years, it is also important to choose an anti-corrosive fence.


 The prestige wire mesh fencing is also wildly used in residential buildings, parks, schools, public buildings, swimming pools, pedestrian fence etc.


Prestige Wire Mesh Fence Prestige Wire Mesh Fence juren Prestige Wire Mesh Fence








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