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Installation precautions for 3D curved welded wire mesh fence

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3D curved welded wire mesh fence is mainly used for security protection in commercial grounds (corporation, hotel, supermarket); private grounds; public grounds (park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn); road and transit (highway, railway or road city transit). The surface of it is usually coated with PVC or galvanized coating. 

Installation precautions for 3D curved welded wire mesh fence:

1.Before installation, the construction department should be familiar with the location of the various pipes buried in the underground to prevent the underground facilities from damaging.

2.SHS tube is popular to use as the post of fencing, which can be fixed to the ground by steel base and anchors, also has another way of dip it under the ground.

3.If you want to put the posts into concrete, firstly you should drill holes on concrete surface, and then put the posts into it, finally pour the liquid concrete into the hole. 

Now our products are mainly exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, France, more than 10 countries and regions. We promise to provide high-quality 3D curved welded wire mesh fence.

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