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How to properly remove the PVC coated chain link fence?

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When you need to replace or maintain the PVC coated chain link fence, you may need to remove it safely. Here are the simple steps and methods for removing the fence.

Clear the ground

It is recommended that you find a flat ground nearby as your work area before removing the PVC coated chain link fence. After that, clear the area as wide as the fence height, plus two extra feet. Cover nearby plants during the removing to avoid damage.

Remove the fence fabric

Find a corner or end point. The corner posts are relatively wider than other fence posts, which makes your job easier. Remove the tension bar by loosening the bolts, and then measure out a length of fence fabric and cut the ties that hold the fabric to the posts. 

Remove the top rail

Please inspect the top rails of the chain link fence first. If it has been welded, you may need to unscrew the rails.

Remove fence post

Removing the fence post is the most difficult part of the process of removing the PVC coated chain link fence. It is recommended to rocking the posts back and forth until they are released. 

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