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How to install Fence Gate ?

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Home and garden gates have a long service life. The popular green powder coated metal iron garden door with safety lock is used in the German market. It is an ideal choice for various fences and borders. Galvanized green powder coating, long service life. Optical fit this gate is great for matte fences, but it can also be used for other similar fences.
The gate has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, durability and rust resistance.
Its mass remains at extreme heat and cold, and the gate is stable over a wide temperature range.

  1. When installing the gate, leave enough space between the two pillars as the gate

  2. Connect the hinges to your door, one near the top of the door and the other near the bottom (just like the hinge on the door).

  3. Keep the gate spaced between the pillars. Please put some wood scraps under the door

  4. After the gate is in place, screw the hinge into the fence post with an electric drill.

  5. Your latch should be divided into two parts: a more sophisticated capture mechanism and a simple hook

  6. Place the hook on your door and align it with the grapple mechanism. Screw the hook into the gate with an electric drill

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