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How to Build a Welded Wire Fence (B)

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Step 3 - Rails

Measuring and cutting 1x4 boards for the top and bottom rails. If the terrain is uneven, bottom rail placed in a position set close to the ground as you can get while keeping it level and screw it in place. Measured from the center to the desired height from the top of the fence.

No matter what position it is located around the column, which is that you should place the top rail level.Cut and tighten the top rail in place.


Step 4 - Welded Wire Fencing

Start at a corner post and unroll several feet of welded wire. Make sure the fence is fully horizontal, and staple it all the way down to the end. Begin stapling across the rails, pulling it tight as you staple to be sure it lays flat all the way across. If excess fencing won’t reach from one post to the next, staple it firmly to the last post it will reach, cut off the excess, then start a new roll. Continue all the way around.

Step 5 - The Gate

Measure out a section between two posts for the gate. Subtract an inch to get the width of your gate (this inch allows room for it to swing open and closed). Cut two 2x4s to this width.Measure the height of the door you want, and cut two more 2x4s to fit between your top and bottom boards. Fix them together with L-brackets on both sides of each corner (8 brackets total). Measure from one top corner down to the bottom corner. Cut a board to length (with 45 degree cuts on the end to fit in the corners) and screw it to your gate. Drill your latch and hinges to your gate. Prop it up with a scrap of 1x4 or 2x4 and mark on your posts where to drill your latch and gate on. Be sure to consider the same extra space swing on both sides and install the door

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