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Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire factory price

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The barbed wire is also called Hot-dipped Galvanized Barbed Wire. It is made up of a fully automatic barbed wire machine.

Type of barbed rope: front and back twisted barbed rope, blade barbed rope, screw barbed wire

Barbed wire: high quality low carbon steel wire (electrogalvanized, hot galvanized, coated, sprayed), blue, green, yellow and other colors.

Spindle-rope weaving characteristics: twisting and weaving;Firm and beautiful.

Purpose of barbed rope: used for isolation and protection of grassland boundary, railway, highway, etc.

The simple history of the stinger rope:

Before the invention of the barbed rope, humans searched around themselves for stockade materials, mainly trees, stones, prickly brushes and mud.When the colonists came to America, they found that demand was beginning to outstrip supply, so they sought to create a more economical fence.Hot drawn cold rolled steel wire was produced more than 400 years ago.In 1870, high quality round silks of various length specifications have appeared.Stockmen used these sleek silk fences, but found that poultry kept coming in and out.In 1867, two inventors tried to prick the smooth silk.But there is no practical proof.It wasn't until 1874 that Michael Kelly invented a very practical way of putting a thorn in the silk that he began to use a lot.

Joseph Glidden found a wooden rope in an ordinary small village with sharp iron spikes on one side and smooth wire attached to it.He was thrilled by the discovery.It also led to his invention of the current shape of the barbed rope.Glidden places the thorn in a makeshift coffee bean grinder, then screws the interstitial spines along the smooth thread and another wire around the spines to secure the position.

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