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High security 358 Fencing

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358 Security Fence 4

358 fencing is featured by the design that combines the high security and perfect aesthetic effect. Panel sections are welded wire mesh with small rectangular openings 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm made from 4 mm galfan steel wires, and welded well at each intersection, then PVC powder coating with inexperienced RAL 6005 or black RAL 9005 color, which provides a protective anti-corrosion property for 10 years. The 358 mesh high security fencing is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack by using conventional tools. Because of the anti-climbing and anti-cutting features, 358 wire mesh fencing is also called anti climb fence. 358 fencing is usually used for fencing where require high levels of security, such as airport, prison and military establishments, so 358 wire mesh fencing is also called prison fencing. This kind of welded panel breadth is 2515 millimetre and height from 2007 millimetre to 3302 millimetre. Several panels can be installed on the top of each other, thus the 358 mesh high security fencing can achieve a total height of 6300 mm.

There are two enhanced versions of 358 fencing: 2D security fencing and 3D 358 mesh high security fencing. 2D fence panels increase strength by 6 millimtre vertical wire and extra four millimetre wires at 152.4 mm centers on the inside face. This structure makes the fence panel very rigid and has a higher level of strength and security than common 358 wire mesh fencing. 2D security fencing is wide used for faculties, industrial sites, infrastructure, and other high security areas. 3D security fence increased its safety and look level with ironed horizontal "V" formed beams. It is a singular barrier answer which mixes a high level of safety demand and aesthetic impact.

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