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Green Vinyl Coated Welded Wire 3D Mesh Fence

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   3D mesh fence, with great looking, modern appearance, fashion design, is more popular in the market. It is made by welded wire mesh panel with bend on the surface, post and other accessories. The 3D mesh fence not only solve the security problem, but increase the modern style. Our company has been produced and exported 3D mesh fence with long history, we has many options that the customers can choose the 3D mesh fence with proper style.


   Safety or security are the priority question for customers. So, choosing the proper 3D mesh fence is important. This kind fence is actually made by welding the horizontal and vertical wires together. The hole size pattern means a spacing that is typically from 1/4 inches to 4 inches. The construction creates a rigid enclosure for a firm barrier. 3d mesh fence is widely used on level ground or short distance. It’s a perfect solution for gardens.


   When you choose the 3D mesh fence, you need to know your exactly application. If keeping a dog safe inside the garden, it will require a taller fence. The smaller hole size of 3D mesh fence is suited for poultry than the animal with big body. You should consider the wire diameter for the fence as you demand. Galvanized steel wire and stainless steel wire are the better choice. The zinc and PVC coated will extend the service life of 3D mesh fence. Not all the quality is the same, so, you must choose the supplier with excellent reputation, like our company. The quality of the raw material and the producing process can guarantee the longer-lasting usage. The 3D mesh fence is a better choice compared with chain link fencing. The structure of welded wire mesh is strength and wear resistance, even some wires are broken, the whole structure is stable, otherwise, the chain link fence will broken if wires are cut. 

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