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Grassland fence

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Kraal grassland Seine USES high-strength galvanized steel wire braided, high strength tensile resistance is big, can withstand onslaught of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock, safe and reliable, kraal grassland fence galvanized steel wire surface, the other parts are taken rust corrosion resistance, can adapt to bad working environment, such as sand, high temperature, cold, up to 20 years of life.Grassland fence net is mainly used for;The construction of grasslands in pastoral areas, the building of grasslands and the implementation of fixed grazing, grazing.Facilitate the planned use of grassland resources, effectively improve the utilization rate of grassland and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation and protect the natural environment.At the same time, it is also applicable for farmers and animal husbandry professionals to set up family farms with boundary protection, farmland enclosure, forest nursery, closed mountains for cultivation, free-range chicken fence, enclosure of tourist areas, construction project enclosure, isolation and maintenance.Niulan grassland fence structure is simple, easy to maintain, short construction period, small volume, easy to transport and installation, ventilation and light transmission does not affect the landform.Niulan grassland fence net product structure is novel, firm and precise, the net surface is flat, the mesh is even, the integrity is strong under the ditch cover plate plastic mold, toughness, not close, anti-skid, anti-pressure, wind, rain, no matter how bad the local natural conditions, the service life is generally as long as several decades.Even local tailoring, partial loose deformation occur or under pressure, and have strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance ability, there are usually not grille plate 518 steel wire board for the advantages, but also overcome the welded wire mesh solder joints fall off easy open welding flaws, one-time installation never loose, take the initiative to defend the net unit price is a relatively high-end protective fence mesh products.

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