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Galvanized double wire fence manufacturer tells you the Features

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Galvanized double wire fence with a flat panel that uses a double horizontal line and a vertical line to form a rigid net. The surface treatment is applied by hot dip galvanizing or electrogalvanized polyester powder. 

Galvanized double wire fence are popular in the European market for parks, industrial sites, residents, etc. For schools, stadiums and many other public places, it is essential to stop crossing or climbing the fencing system.

Now, galvanized double wire fence manufacturer tells you the Feature of galvanized double wire fence:

Beautiful look
The two-line fence is a see-through panel, a panel mounted inside or on the column, used for brackets and hardware for round and square columns, difficult to cut and climb, but simple to install and economical.
High security
Each steel plate has two 8 mm wires that are soldered to the sides of a 6 mm vertical wire, giving the intruder little chance of breaking through. Secure the panel to the steel column with a sturdy fixture and secure with a hexagonal safety screw. With its two-wire system, this heavy-duty fence is twice as strong as a normal panel and can withstand sustained impact but remains intact.
Complete system
The system consists of high-quality two-wire panels that are available in a variety of heights and are mounted on high-strength steel columns. Depending on the type of column, the fence panel is secured to the column by suitable clips.
long lasting
At least 10 years warranty. The super durable powder coating ensures a long service life of the fence system. This coating is applied to the plating to ensure complete protection of the panels and gates.
Easy installation
All components have been developed to provide high quality professional products that can be installed efficiently and quickly

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