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Gabion hexagonal wire mesh specification

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Gabion hexagonal wire mesh should meet the following specifications:

Manufacture: Gabion hexagonal wire mesh shall be made of double-twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh according to BS EN 10223-3:1998 .Diaphragms to be at nominal 1m centres on the unit length, except for 1.5m long gabions which have no internal diaphragm.

Corrosion wire should be galvanized to BS EN 10244-22001

Mesh wire : The nominal wire diameter of the gabion box is 2.70 mm, and the side wire is nominally 3.40 mm.

All conductors shall comply with BS EN 10218-21997. The tensile strength is in the range of 350 to 575 N/mm 2 .

Mesh size: The mesh should be hexagonal, with a nominal size of 80mm x 100mm.



Rockfill: The gabion box filler should be hard durable and non-cream sensitive (rock or stone type) with a minimum size not less than the mesh and a maximum dimension of 200mm.

JOINTING: Grouper should provide a lacing line or "C" for on-site assembly. The nominal diameter of the wire drawn wire is 2.2 mm (both in compliance with the specified corrosion).

Finally joined.

Construction: All stone filling should be tightly packed to minimize the gap, and the stone on the exposed surface of the stone should be packed by hand. The internal hoist support tie will be incorporated into a 1 m/third and 2/3 spaced 1 m high unit at an area of 2 inches per square meter, one placed centrally on a 0.5 meter high unit. Adjacent stone cage units are continuously tensioned on the vertical joints and joined horizontally at the front and rear of the joined joints. Alternatively, the "ring" can be used with pneumatic tools, one of which is placed in each of the other grid spaces. On all fittings and diaphragms, the lid should be connected to the upper line or "C".

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