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Gabion hexagonal wire mesh

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The gabion hexagonal wire mesh is divided into a number of cells by a partition of 1 meters (double twisted hexagonal metal mesh). In order to strengthen the strength of the structure of the cage net box, the steel wire with a thicker diameter is used at the edge of all the surface net plates. Control and guide the river and Flood flood dams and diversion dams rock avalanche protection against the water and soil erosion bridge to protect the soil structure seashore defense engineering harbor engineering retaining wall road protection.

Welded gabion can not only hold stone, or even more fine sediment, fill materials from local materials, especially suitable for the lack of stone in the river or coastal use. With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, the installation effect is tens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.

Welded gabion and geotextile are assembled and sewn to contain fine sand, earth and stones; they are made into anti-explosion walls. As military equipment, they can be used as temporary bunkers, fortresses and pre-war headquarters for anti-riot and anti-explosive use by combat forces to replace traditional artificial trenches, effectively block the attack of guns and bullets, effectively reduce casualties among soldiers and personnel, and can be recycled. Our company produces as many as 12 specifications of explosion-proof cages, earth gray, khaki, grass green and other colors, and can be flexibly combined to be used in different scenarios or uses.

Gabion hexagonal wire mesh


The double twist of the gabion hexagonal wire mesh prevents any accidental damage from spreading by adding a non-destructive effect, thereby providing integrity, strength and continuity to the structure. The lace wire is used to assemble and interconnect the empty cells and is used to close and secure the stone filling unit. Once assembled, the gabion basket is filled with durable stones to the site. Gabion Baskets are also used for bank stability, channel lining and erosion control. Their strength lies in their twisted-pair hexagonal wire mesh, which is reinforced by the edges of heavier wires running along the edges and transverse diaphragms. Even if it is cut, the wire will not be untied. Easy to assemble, no need for professionals, easy to install. They are suitable for any situation where it is desirable to maintain the structure, which is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Due to the permeability of the gabion baskets, they blend in with the surrounding environment to adapt to the environment and protect the environment.


(1) control and guide rivers and floods

(2) flood dams and diversion dams

(3) Rock fall protection

(4) prevention of water and soil erosion

(5) bridge protection

(6) solid soil structure

(7) seashore defense project

(8) Port Engineering

(9) retaining wall

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