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Factory direct sale welded temporary fence construction safety barriers

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Points to note about the installation of Temporary fence and engineering construction

1. When the mesh and columns used in Temporary fence are transported to the site, the construction unit must provide the supervision engineer with qualified products*. The supervision engineer has the right to test and test the mesh and columns of the project with quality problems. The engineering supervision engineer shall inspect the curvature of the column at the site, and shall clear the site for those who have obvious deformation, curling or scratches.

2. When carrying out the concrete foundation construction on the guardrail column, the construction unit shall release the basic centerline according to the requirements of the approved construction organization TRANTBS design and design drawings, and carry out the necessary leveling and cleaning of the site to ensure the linear shape after the completion of the isolation Temporary fence installation. Beautiful and straightforward. Before the foundation concrete is poured, the size of the foundation pit and the distance between the foundation pit must be examined and approved by the supervising engineer before the concrete can be poured.

3. During the installation of the column,Temporary fence must be ensured that the column is stable, and the connection with the foundation is tight. If necessary, the support can be installed to stabilize the column. During the installation of the column, small lines are used to detect the straightness of the column installation, and the local adjustments are made. Make sure the straight section is straight and the curve is smooth. The burial depth of the column must meet the design drawings. After the construction of the column is completed, the supervising engineer shall test the alignment, depth and height of the column, as well as the stability of the connection to the foundation. Only after meeting the requirements can the construction be carried out.

3, mesh must be firmly connected with the column, the net surface after installation, no obvious warping and bump. After completion of the barrier construction, the GaoGaoZhi will organize the relevant personnel to carry out inspection and acceptance work on the barrier, and the main items of acceptance shall be as follows:

 Iron horse can be used for temporary road isolation or road segregation, as well as the isolation of crowds in large public places to play a role in security.

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