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Factory cyclone wire fence philippines pvc coated

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Chain link fence Name   

   According to the billing method, it can be divided into: hook flower net, diamond net, ramp net, ring net, ring net, hook net, anchor net, protection net, fence net, and net.

       According to the surface treatment: electro-galvanized - hook chain network, hot-dip galvanized - hook chain network, plastic hook chain network (pvc, pe plastic bag),

Dipped hook nets, spray chain hook nets.

      According to use: decorative hook flower nets, hook yards of the playground yard (simple fence nets), protective chain linking nets, and greening chain link nets.

     Another classification: stainless steel hook net (material 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316, etc. without surface treatment).

Material: High quality low carbon steel wire (iron wire), stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.

Weaving and features:

Uniform mesh, smooth mesh, simple weaving, crocheting, and elegant appearance;

Wire quality, wide web width, thick wire diameter, less corrosion, longer life, and strong practicality.

Chain link fence 

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