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Factory Supply Wholesale High Tensile Galvanized Deer or Goat Farm Fencing South Africa

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Field fences are a quick and easy solution to keeping livestock where you want it or keeping animals out of your garden or away from young trees. Wire fences from Agri Supply come in different heights and gauges so you can get the type of livestock fences you need. A no climb horse fence has special knots to protect your animals' hides while goat fences have a tight grid so the animals can't stick their heads through.

1)Protect your investment with our most reliable comfinement for cattle, hogs and other large animal.
2) Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds
3) Ideal for all terrains,as well as corrals andpastures
4) Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract
5) Galvanized wire resists weathering as wells as wear and tear

1. The cattle farm fence are braided with high-strength galvanized steel wire, with high strength and high tensile force, which can withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock. Safe and reliable.
2. The steel wire of the cattle farm fence the surface of the wave ring is galvanized, and other parts are made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
3. Cattle farm fence weft adopts rolling process to enhance the elasticity and buffer function,
It can adapt to the deformation of cold shrinkage and thermal expansion. Keep the net fence tight.
4. Cattle farm fence has simple structure, convenient maintenance, short construction period, small size and light weight

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