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Factory Direct Sales Price Welded Type retaining wall wire mesh for stone

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     The electric welding stone cage net is a kind of net that USES spiral wire to assemble the front and rear panels, bottom plates and baffles after welding and forming, and then compress them

     Welded wire gabion mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, in strict accordance with the BS1052:1986 standard through automation, precision, accurate mechanical equipment processing after forming, welding using electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic coated, plastic or goyle every process such as surface passivation, plasticizing treatment.

     The wire mesh is made of the front and rear panels, the bottom plates and the baffles after the welding is completed and compressed with spiral wire binding. Folding and binding all the products of the stone cage are a single individual. Screw wire binding is carried away in a box. To ensure quality, please put it in a dry environment.

     Electric welding stone cage net is widely used in foreign countries, mainly used for park landscape modeling, building exterior walls, commercial building outsourcing. Application example: decoration of exterior wall of shell oil office building in the United States. Now, it is mainly used for urban landscape and park landscape in China. The electric welding stone cage has simple construction, beautiful structure, low cost, easy installation, and is an ideal choice for garden decoration and slope protection.

open size(cm) wire diameter(mm) usual size(m)
5×7 2.4 0.5×0.5×1
5×7 2.7 1×1×1
5×10 3.5 1×1×2

1. The wire mesh surface of the electric welding stone cage is smooth and neat, the mesh is even, and the welding point is firm, with strong fastness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity. 2. The electric welding stone cage net has low cost and is easy to install. It is an ideal choice for landscaping and slope protection.

3. Strong resistance to natural damage and adverse weather effects.

Excellent tensile strength.

5. The on-site installation of electric welding stone cage net is simple, fast, convenient and beautiful in structure, saving time, labor and high working efficiency.

6. The installation time of electric welding stone cage net is 40% less than that of hexagon stone cage net. Compared with hexagonal wire gabion mesh, welded wire gabion mesh can better maintain the "cage" : when the filler filled, welded wire gabion mesh panel convex concave, keep flat, not like a hexagon stone cage net, so I can better and other stone cage net connection or wall to form a whole.

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