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Euro wire fence exporter

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1.Economic products
As an Euro wire fence exporter,the European fence is a very economical product. It is also called Euro wire fence netting. Its material cost and weight are much lower than those of other kinds of fences. The automatic production line has also brought high production capacity to the European fence. If the project involves a large number of projects such as expressways, railways or national border walls, the European fence may be a good choice.

2.Weaving horizontal line
The horizontal wire of the Euro wire fence netting is bent into a woven shape. This kind of bending can make the European fence board stronger and also make it look softer. Euro wire fence netting is the only curved woven fence board in the tainting fence series.

3.Dovetail column
The tail of the swallow is another very important feature of the Euro wire fence netting. It is named the tail of the swallow because the post looks like the tail of the swallow. This kind of pillar is only designed for European fences, but some engineers prefer to use the swallow tail pillar as the pillar of other fences.

Euro wire fence netting


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