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Euro mesh fence manufacturer

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Pvc euro fence panels are economical and practical fence material that can be easily found in your city. Pvc euro fence panels are popular all over the world because they are usually cheaper than other fence materials.

 Euro wire fence netting

For example, you can easily see PVC welded fence near Chinese roads, or many parks and gardens in Europe. It has another name called " Euro fence". as its name implies, it is very popular in European countries.

Now let's talk about the surface treatment of PVC euro fence panel. Most welded mesh grids are first galvanized and then sprayed with plastic powder. However, the difference between PVC welded fence boards is that they are also galvanized first and then treated with PVC coating.

Pvc coating is usually much thicker than powder coating. This is because the difference between the two coating techniques is that for powder coating techniques, the coating is applied by spraying plastic powder onto the surface of the product. On the other hand, for PVC powder coating technology, PVC material is applied by immersing the product in a hot PVC material. These are completely different coating techniques.

Pvc fence boards are usually cheaper than powder coated fence boards for one reason. The core wire thickness of PVC welded mesh panels is usually less than that of powder coated welded mesh panels. Therefore, the weight of each PVC welded mesh panel is less than that of the powder coated panel.

The mesh size of PVC panels is usually 50mm plus 50mm. It is relatively small compared to more common grid sizes such as 50mm plus 200mm. Pvc mesh sheets are usually packaged in rolls and wrapped with plastic film to protect the rolls during transportation and storage.

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