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Euro Fence Panel exporter

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European fence panel is an attractive substitute for chain link fence.
The top and bottom of the panel are arched to provide additional strength.
The panel is coated with powder to increase durability and protection.

Compatible with European fence posts

Euro steel fence panel is a relatively economical but popular fence, which is widely used in China and European countries. As the name " Euro fence" shows, it is a very mature and accepted barrier material in Europe. Euro fence panel usually have square holes of 50mm size. The small grid size makes the panel look attractive, and there is also a very unique feature, that is, waves on the horizontal line. The unique function of this design is to make the grid more stable and firm.

Euro steel fence panel

Euro steel fence panels are packaged into 50 - meter or 100 - meter rolls, but other lengths can also be accepted if the customer needs them. This feature makes production more complicated than conventional grid panels. In order to make volumes, each production process must be linked together. These processes include welding and PVC coating. All these processes are carried out automatically.

After packaging the rolls, the rolls will be further packaged into plastic films to better protect the rolls during transportation and storage.
The wire diameter of European steel fence plate should not be too thick, usually 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm is its common value. This is because if the wire is too thick, it is difficult to roll the fence. Therefore, if your requirements have a very thick diameter, then you may need to use a separate panel to order fences instead of rolls.

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