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Doubled horizontal wire mesh fence

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Doubled horizontal wire fence

Doubled horizontal wire fence system provides a very versatile mesh fence that is stronger than other single wire systems. A simple and elegant “Twin mesh” is heavy gauge weld mesh fencing panel featuring twohorizontal wires either sides of the vertical wire offering both increased rigidity and time to cut through. 

Doubled horizontal wire fence offers a fantastic level of security, The design of the mesh combined with the

thickness of the steel wire make it extremely difficult to cut through whilst the way the profile at the top of

the panel makes it difficult to climb over. Also twin mesh fencing's open design gives you and your security

systems a clear line of sight, enabling you to carefully observe any suspicious activities that might be

taking place on the other side of your fence.

Doubled horizontal wire fence sepcifications

Heights 630, 830, 1030, 1230, 1430, 1630, 1830, 2030, 2430, mm

Panel width 2506 mm

Mesh size 50x200mm

Wire diameter 6 mm (verticals) 2 x 8 mm (horizontals) (also available in 6/5/6 mm)

Doubled horizontal wire fence Application

It is used for fencing most industrial sites, sporting fields, multi games areas ,protection of schools and

nurseries, Corporate or college campuses, housing projects, healthcare or research facilities ;Airports,

parking facilities, commercial and industrial properties; Pools, amusement parks, tennis courts, public

parks and playgrounds, etc.


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