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Double Horizontal Wire Fencing system

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Double Horizontal Wire Fencing system, also known as 2D security fence, double wire fence. Double wire fence is very popular in European countries, such as Germany. From a distance, the wine line board is like a regular fence board. However, unlike the traditional electric welding fences for the 358 safety fence and the European fence, the 2D Double Horizontal Wire Fencing system welded with two horizontal lines are particularly strong.

The double wire fence can be of the normal type with large holes or 358 fences with small holes. Two options are available for two common 2D safety fence double line spacing: double each horizontal line and double horizontal lines for every three horizontal lines. Usually 868 and 656 are the most common type of welded double wire fence. The Type 868 welded wire fence means that the panel has two horizontal wires of 8 mm in diameter and a vertical wire of 6 mm in diameter.


    Double line: Double line board is effective against damage.
    Visibility: perspective holes.
    Durability and durability: Galvanized wire and powder coated surfaces provide longer panel life.
    Easy to install: Mounting panels into the struts easily with accessories such as brackets and clamps.
    Ideal for secondary operations: The fence can be disassembled into parts that are easy to reuse.

Residential, industrial, commercial and entertainment venues

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