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Crowd Barrier Fencing

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  1. crowd control barrier-footbridge, crowd control barrier-footbridge, the most popular crowd control barrier on the market! The footbridge design provides maximum stability to the guardrail and makes the product an ideal choice for grass, soft or uneven ground. The foot of the bridge provides the best resistance to block and divert the crowd. So if you have a parade, a rally, or a concert, a sports event planner or crowd control screen is the way to go.

  2. Flat-bottomed crowd control column, people in public places or public places for traffic control, it is best to choose public places or public places for crowd control. Flat Feet reduce the risk of pedestrian tripping. Car Tires can easily roll over your feet without damaging the roadblock. Flat-bottomed weight, with a rubber seal ring, provides two holes, each screw can be screwed to the ground.

  3. A crowd-controlled barrier with a v-shaped foot, the brace stabilizes the system and can support more weight. The product is easier to move and easier to package. It can be quickly assembled into a sturdy barrier that forms an effective crowd control barrier.

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