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Giant company development history
Giant company profile
Abbreviation: giant metal, giant technology, giant company, Hebei giant, hgmt, giant fence
Established: registered in 2014, officially operated by the current team in March 2016.
Scope of business: mainly for six categories of silk screen products produced in An Pingsheng
Business model: partner entrepreneurship model ( changming group 10 years all domestic and foreign trade e-commerce customers as the basis )
Competitive advantage:
 1, wholeheartedly for employees to create a " happy work" environment platform.
 2, full holdings, the company to create, save every penny for the company at the end of the bonus to do accumulation.
 3, the new company everything is created together, you should enjoy the corresponding return.
 4, unified values, unified dream, for their daily work time to benefit.

Li gengle ( chairman of the board of directors of the company ), according to many years of guardrail production experience, in 1992, the establishment of the production of guardrail net - based " anping county Deming metal mesh co.,ltd.".
With the development of the company and the situation of economic globalization, in 2006 we applied for import and export rights, registered " changming" as a trademark, and opened up the international market.
In order to meet the needs of the market, we expanded our production scale.  In 2012, we moved to 60,000 square meters of new plant, and equipped with professional production lines, quality testing laboratory.  This has greatly increased our productivity and laid a solid foundation for our development in the barrier industry.
We have developed a new product, cm column, with our French customers and have applied for a patent.
In the same year, we successfully applied for the occupational health and safety system and environmental management system certificate.
The introduction of new machines from Switzerland, the introduction of international high-end technology.  Our quality, to go to the front of the international.
We have established a branch of Hebei giant metal products technology co., ltd. and established an Australian office.
We set up Hengshui office to expand our business team.

Corporate culture
Vision: fully owned, let 's feel secure
From giant guardrails
Mission: to isolate danger and ensure safety
Values: innovation, sharing, gratitude, win - win

Introduction to leading figures

Li gengle
Chairman of the company, founded the changming fence factory in 1992.
In order to provide customers with more choices, the chairman leads all employees to research and develop new products.
After three years of experience, the chairman decided to stock some common guardrails so that they could be shipped to customers at any time.
In 2006, we established anping county Deming metal mesh co., ltd, registered the " changming" trademark, began to export business.
De - Mao Li
Anping county Deming metal mesh co., ltd., corporate and general manager.
He attaches great importance to technological innovation, brand building and talent training.
In recent years, he expanded our team to 421 people, and introduced high-tech equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improve the quality of our products.
Wang yachao
General manager of giant company.When he first came to changming group is a salesman, dream of becoming a great man, he is very strict with yourself in the work.
He often said to us, " there is nothing impossible in the world".  Now, he did.
Wang yachao, now the company 's general manager, led the team of department personnel to create a new company " Hebei giant metal products technology co., ltd. ( our brothers, one of the subsidiary of changming group ).
Feng Peng
Deputy manager of giant company
He was also a salesman when he first came to the company. he came to changming in 2005 and became the manager of the Ministry of internal trade in 2006.  With rich experience, he became a production department technician in 2014 and a production department manager in 2015.
Feng Peng, leading the production department, attaches great importance to quality control and timely delivery, so that our products meet the needs of customers.


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