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China wire mesh gabion basket price

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Since sixteenth Century, engineers in Europe have used wicker basket and Italy's gabbion to fill the soil to strengthen military positions and reinforce river banks. Today, the same simple technology, now known as "gabion basket", is used as the cornerstone of low cost, long-term hydraulic structure in developing and developed countries.


These days wire mesh for gabion baskets has replaced willow bars and used stones instead of soil, but the potential strength of gabion basket has not changed. The inherent flexibility of the cage structure enables it to bend rather than rupture, thereby preventing structural efficiency loss.


Gabions shall consist of a container formed by a rectangular wire mesh filled with rock. Gabions will conform to one of the following types:

Woven gabion: non cracking, double twisted, six angle net consisting of two wires twisted together at 180 degrees.

 Woven gabion

Welded gabion: welded mesh, uniform square or rectangular pattern, each junction has resistance welding. The welding wire connection should meet the requirements of ASTM A 185, including less than W1.2 (0.124 inches) steel wire, but the minimum average shear strength of the welding connection should be 70%, and the minimum shear strength is the minimum ultimate tensile strength of the 60% wire.

Welded gabion

With the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices of gabion baskets are also different.

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