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China welded wire gabion baskets

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As a China welded wire gabion baskets manufacturer, we know that the welded wire mesh gabion baskets are welded by a double-twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh or wire machine. The stone is filled at the project site to form a flexible, breathable, and overall structure. The steel wire used to make the stone cage is a soft steel wire or PVC steel wire coated with Galfan. To reinforce the structure, all mesh panel edges are rimmed with a wire with a larger diameter. The maximum tensile strength of the wire is 75,000 psi.

Welded wire mesh gabion baskets are easy to install and require no special technology, corrosion resistance, economy, mixing, and integrity with the natural environment.

welded wire mesh gabion baskets

Welded wire mesh gabion baskets are generally used for slope support, foundation pits, mountain rock suspended net shotcrete, and slope vegetation (green). It also creates cage mats for rivers, dams and anti-erosion protection seawalls and reservoirs, and closed cages for rivers. Stone cages can be built at a slope of more than 45 degrees in the middle of the slope to protect soil erosion. You can also use a galvanized twisted woven wire mesh to build a wall around the perimeter of your property and around the garden bed.



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