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China welded gabion uses

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Architectural and landscaping is a popular use of these units because they have a formal look and are properly filled with high quality stone.

Welding mesh gabions provide excellent control of soil erosion and provide a clean and very pleasing appearance. Therefore, welding mesh gabions are widely used for road protection and landscape construction.

welding mesh gabion

It is also used for retaining wall structures to prevent current erosion and erosion control, bridge protection, hydraulic structures, dams and culverts, dike protection and prevention of rockfall and soil erosion.

Welding mesh gabions offer the same flexibility and strength as twisted mesh gabion. In addition, superior coating technology for Modular Gabion Systems provides higher corrosion resistance than twisted (woven) mesh.

Gabion baskets and mattresses assembled from welded meshes have a dimensional accuracy better than 0.5%, while typical tolerances for twisted meshes are plus/minus 5.0%.

The Gabion structure acts as a self-draining unit that “bleeds” from groundwater and relieves hydro-static heads. The gap between the stones eliminates the energy of floods, tidal currents and waves; therefore, the entire structure is a "breathing" self-draining unit that does not require additional drainage. In fact, it decreases with age rather than with age. In the early stages of use, silt and vegetation will accumulate in rock fills to form a natural permanent structure that improves the environment.


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