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China factory wholesale woven gabion baskets mesh for gabion wall

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        The woven gabion baskets can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face spraying

Slope vegetation (greening), railway highway isolation guard block, woven gabion baskets can also be made into cages, net mats, for rivers, embankments and seawalls for protection against erosion, reservoirs, river closures with cages. The most serious disaster in rivers is the erosion of water by riverbanks and the flooding caused by it, resulting in massive loss of life and property and a large amount of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with the above problems, the application of the grid structure to the ecological grid is one of the best solutions. woven gabion baskets can provide river bank s with permanent   protection.

        1. The flexible structure can adapt to the changes of the slope without being destroyed, and has better safety and stability than the rigid structure;

        2. Strong anti-erosion ability, able to withstand the maximum water flow rate up to 6m/s;

        3. The structure is essentially water-permeable, and has a strong tolerance to the natural action of the groundwater and filtration. Suspended material and sludge in the water can be precipitated in the stone-filling seam, which is beneficial to the growth of natural plants and gradually recovers. The original ecological environment.

        The woven gabion baskets  is a wire or polymer mesh format that holds the rock in place. Wire cages are grids or welded structures made of wire. Both of these structures can be electroplated and the woven wire box can be additionally coated with PVC. Hard weathering stones are used as fillers. They will not be broken quickly due to abrasion in stone boxes or gabions. Stone cages with different types of blocks have different characteristics. The corner stones can interlock well with each other, and the gabion filled with them is not easily deformed.

Gabion net design

        In the landscape engineering, highway revetment, embankment protection, and mountain re-greening have always been headaches for engineers and technicians. Over the years, they have been exploring a process that not only satisfies the protection requirements for the stability of mountains and shore beaches, but also achieves the effect of greening the environment. woven gabion baskets is also economical and convenient. Gradually, this process began to surface, it is the ecological gabion net application process. The woven gabion baskets application process uses a high-strength galvanized steel wire to weave rectangular cages of different sizes, and the cages are filled with stones. After this type of structure was applied to shore slope protection, the gap between stones was continuously filled with mud under the dual effects of human and natural factors. The seeds of plants gradually take root and germinate in the soil between the stones, thrive, and the roots firmly hold stones and mud. In this way, the purpose of protecting and greening slopes can be achieved, and the effect of improving the ecology and maintaining soil and water is also significant.

woven gabion basket

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