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China chain link fence extension exporter

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As a China Chain Link Fencing exporter, our company can provide metal chain grid fences to suit most projects. Whether your fencing program requirements depend on safety, cost or appearance, you can rest assured that the Hebei Giant has fencing contractors and supplies to meet your needs.

Chain link cyclone wire fence, also known as wire mesh fences, wire mesh and chain links, are one of the most widely used metal fence styles, especially for commercial projects such as schools, airports and factories. Chain link cyclone wire fence is also versatile and are the standard of choice for owners, developers, building contractors and government agencies.

The most common metal chain grid fences are used primarily as fences for commercial and residential buildings around the world, as well as for use beyond public border posts. Made of galvanized metal and woven into a zigzag pattern commonly referred to as a diamond, the wire fence is also used in the safety structure and industrial fields.

Considered to be one of the most versatile products on the fence market, the chain fence is the most suitable, not only for the blocked area, but also for transportation. After weaving, the chain products are very flexible and can be rolled up easily, but when installed, the links are designed to form a strong surface.

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