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China blast wall barriers instructions

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The blast wall barriers are designed to provide a fast deployment of high-level security fences to protect critical infrastructure and assets. Combined with the central concept of the coordinator system, these fences are installed on the ground and proven to with stand vehicle attacks. Each model is ground mounted and can be built on undulating or sloping ground and can create a strong barrier at up to 5m (16in).


Blast wall barriers are also known as isolation fortressl, is a defensive barrier that is often used in dangerous locations around the world, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. As the name implies, the ideal fortress barrier is ideal for protecting the military and civilian personnel from attacks by terrorists, insurgents and other opponents.  In addition, they are ideal for defining boundaries, safety vehicles, equipment and other key assets.


 China blast wall barriers instructions

Blast wall barriers Usage

* Perimeter security wall

* Equipment revetment

* Explosion and contraband search area

* Ammunition compound

* Personnel and material shelter

* Observation point

* Defense shooting position

* Highway checkpoint

* Border crossing checkpoint

* Protect existing buildings

* Highway traffic management


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