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China blast wall barriers exporter

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As a China blast wall barriers exporter, we provide many kinds of blast wall barriers.

Standard blast wall barriers

The standard blast wall barriers is the original defensive concerto product and has become the world's leading ultimate power protection barrier system. Attacks by terrorists, insurgents and other opponents are realistic for both military and civilian personnel and dangerous throughout the world. Resisting these pre-existing threats requires secure, reliable and easily accessible protection.

Whether used as a preventive barrier or as a boundary, defensive barriers are used to protect people, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other key assets in military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civil operations.

Standard blast wall barriers

Recoverable blast wall barrier

The recoverable range of the defensive barrier is directly responsive to two important factors: the military's commitment to increased environmental responsibility and the increase in material recovery costs after the mission.



Recoverable barriers are identical to standard defense barriers. All previous sizes were within this range.



Once the mission is over, restoring the cage is easy. Removal of one pin opens the battery and allows the fill material to flow freely from the battery. The cage can be fully recovered and transported to the disposal site in a flat package.

The recoverable range offers the same high-profile welded mesh and geotextile as standard defensive barriers, but now all models have new designs to provide ultimate engineering protection.


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