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China blast proof concrete walls wholesale

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Gabion Hesco Wall is also called China blast proof concrete wall which is made of galvanized welded mesh, lined with non-woven geotextiles, spring belt and other accessories, filled with sand, soil, cement and stone. Gabion Cages is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the construction of walls and obstacles, flood control, corrosion prevention, accident prevention and homeland security applications.

China blast proof concrete walls


Structure and characteristics: the China blast proof concrete wall is a modern stone cage for military fortification and flood control. The China blast proof concrete wall is made of foldable wire mesh containers and heavy fabric linings, and can be used to connect a individual cell or cells together.

The  China blast proof concrete wall can be built to any length and any height required. The unique connection system allows the user to have a great deal of flexibility in configuration and requirements. A key advantage of this system is that any readily available filler material can be utilized. Sand, gravel, rock, soil, concrete and even snow have been used successfully.


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