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China Wire Mesh Fence

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The Construction welding wire mesh-steel wire mesh has a low carbon content and is very soft. These two are different for the screen. The screen can distinguish between the wire screen and the barbed screen. Because some uses are different, the materials selected are different, so the wire screen and the barbed screen is not the same material.


But the welded mesh, why is the same kind, in people's often called the welding mesh fence, is a mesh welded with low carbon steel wire, that is, iron wire, is a low carbon steel wire, so people also called welded mesh, for Wire welded wire mesh fence, but it is not pure steel wire. It is also said above. 

The steel wire has high hardness and high carbon content. If it is welded, it is not acceptable, it is easy to break and it is not easy to weld. So it seems that on the welded mesh, The wire mesh fence and the barbed wire mesh are both a welded mesh.

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