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China Military Blast Barrier factory

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As a China Military Blast Barrier factory, Juren blast barrier develops obstacles and fences that can effectively use the military in military operations, as well as in peacetime - protecting people, property, infrastructure and the environment, from a wide range of natural and man-made threats. He proposed this idea and founded the company in 1990. Jimi Heselden - He needs to protect his property from the water on the north coast of Yorkshire in the UK. So he designed a metal mesh system that could fill everything up and build a protective wall around his farm.

ESCO bastion is a modern stone cage made by Hesco Bastion Ltd, which can be used to build temporary breakwater to be waterproof, or used as a military defense.It was originally designed to prevent erosion of the embankment, flood control and water control, and later used by the US Army and NATO as a fortress for troops. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and a heavy fabric lining that serves as a hotbed for small arms.

Geotextile lining recyclable unit, generally used as a fill barrier. The device is suitable for filling granular materials such as stone, sand, gravel and gravel. The unit meets a wide range of uses, including the construction of protective walls and obstacles.

China Military Blast Barrier

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