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China Galvanized steel chain link fence

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The China Galvanized steel chain link fence is made of galvanized steel, which allows the fence to withstand harsh conditions for a period of time. Galvanization is to coat with a protective layer of zinc. There are two options:

China Galvanized steel chain link fence

1) galvanizing before weld or weave (GBW)

Galvanized chain fencing before welding or weaving is the most basic form of structure. GBW China Galvanized steel chain link fence is composed of galvanized steel wire rope and can be used for any type of gauge. Because it is the cheapest type of chain-link fence produced, it is the easiest to get, and can be found at almost any supplier.

GBW has lost some demand for its production methods. When the wires on the GBW fence are welded together, the protective layer of zinc is burned. If the wires were tightly woven together, the area of the fence would be exposed, unprotected. This reduces the lifespan of the fence as different elements, such as rain or any corrosive liquid, become rusted and then weaken the grid and the fence as it eats the wire.

Overall, the GBW China Galvanized steel chain link fence is an economic option.

2) galvanizing after welding or weaving (GAW)

Welded or braided galvanized chain fencing is a premium product. In the GAW option, you can see the galvanizing process after wire welding and knitting. The process helps protect every strand of wire, and all vulnerable areas are now sealed. GAW chain fencing is ideal for buyers exposed to water/corrosion in an area that is expected.

As a more expensive option, buyers can expect a longer life. The product is thoroughly galvanized to make the wire more resistant to rust and corrosion. GAW link fences of different sizes are available, providing the same choice as the standard GBW scheme.

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