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China 3D Curved Wire Mesh Fencing wholesale

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3D Curved Welded Wire Fence is a combination of horizontal and vertical welding wires at their joints to provide a rigid wire mesh fence. Many different designs are economical or strength-made from 3mm to 8mm lines at different pitches. Styles with a minimum horizontal pole width spacing are used to limit or reject climbing. Most curved welded fences are “hot-galvanized” because they are exposed to elements, especially in salt-filled environments. However, for more satisfactory results, they can be powder coatings in a range of popular colors.

3D Curved Welded Wire Fence

3D Curved Welded Wire Fence Advantages:

Excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance and aging resistance.

Resistant to sunlight and weather.

Rectangular grids and horizontal reinforcements ensure a high level of rigidity.

There are four horizontal bending bars, so it will strengthen the fence network.

Not only has an aesthetic appearance, but also has a durable structure.

Can with stand outdoor exposure.

Easy to transport and quick to install.

Terrain adaptability, adjacent undulating cylinders can be adjusted up or down.

Bright, reflective colors are revealed during the day or night.

Convenient transportation, saving time and effort.


3D Curved Welded Wire Fence Applications:

Mainly used for protection areas on both sides of road and railway bridges.

Airport, port, and dock are safe.

Parks, lawns, zoos, pools, roads, and residential segregation in municipal construction.

Protection of hotels, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment venues.

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