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Chain link fence

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This type of fence provides high security and visibility, and because it is incredibly modular, it can be customized to suit nearly any application. It remains a popular choice for security fencing specifically, as its design provides easy access control and provides clear visibility. The top of chain-link fences can be customized with a razor to the barbed wire for additional protective measures to help prevent intrusion. On the other hand, if privacy is more of a concern, this type of fence can be easily fitted with wooden or vinyl slats in either diagonal, vertical, or horizontal patterns to block outside view. Many people falsely assume this type of fence all have the same basic metallic look and feel. However, vinyl coatings can provide a smoother finish, prevent rusting, and are available in many colors to help blend into the background. Black is often the most popular color due to its versatility, but green and brown are also frequent choices. Privacy slats can also be painted in any color and stained to enhance the curb appeal of chain link fences.

It seems that the uses for chain link fencing are never-ending. Along with their historical role in neighborhoods across the United States, metal fences are also important for sports. In baseball, they are used as backstops, batting cages, and general athletic field fencing. In well-established backyard gardens, a chain link fence can be used as a trellis to create private space with large flowering plants. Chain link fencing also makes for a low-cost and effective way to secure any pets and livestock.

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