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Chain Link Fence Cantilever gate

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Cantilever gates typically require three posts which make them unique; two are used to mount the rollers and gate and a third is required as a latch post. The two roller posts will be the same size and typically larger than the latch post.

Important: although the latch post is smaller in diameter, you will set it in concrete the same distance from your guide string as the roller posts. The cantilever latch makes up for the offset once the gate is installed. Cantilever gates only have chain link stretched on the 'opening' portion of the gate. The portion of the gate which is stretched with chain link is typically 6" more than the 'opening' to provide security where the rollers will offset the gate.

The counterbalance is not stretched with chain link as it is typically behind the rest of the fence. Set your gate posts according to the 'opening' size of the gate you've ordered. In example, a 20' wide 'opening' size gate opening should have exactly 20' from inside to inside of the latch post and first roller post Fig A-1. If you must error, error on the small side by setting posts too close together. Since the gate overlaps the opening, posts set to close together will not make much difference.


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