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Blast wall barriers for military exporter

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As a blast wall barriers for military exporter, we know that Bastion Blast Wall can be filled with locally available material such as rocks, rubble, sand, gravel, or soil. Fundamentally, it was developed for the purpose of flood prevention and Erosion control, but military experts began to analyze the possibility of using force protection purpose. Bastion Blast Wall can be installed in a variety of configurations to provide an effective and economical structure to accommodate specific threats and levels of protection.

Bastion Blast Wall

Bastion Blast Wall is the most commonly used site fortification element because It is simple in structure, easy to transport and install, variable, and needs the smallest labor force can be used for a long time. In many cases, local conditions or operating conditions may require modification

The construction of normal structures is one of the most useful features of Bastion Blast Wall .Bastion Blast Wall is enough flexibleto adapt to the environment or requirements.The most common application of Bastion Blast Wall in the military Environment is a defensive wall to protect people and equipment and increased security around the perimeter.


It is widely used to protect personnel, vehicles, equipment, power protection and facilities for military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian operations. This structure provides good resistance to ballistic and debris penetration. In order to increase physical security, wire mesh coils are often attached to the wall.




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