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Blast proof concrete walls wholesale

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The emergence and penetration of a new generation of destructive weapons and changes in the course of war (the emergence of asymmetric warfare, suicide etc.) require increased combat and protection of combat vehicles and material reserves. It is impossible to build a structure to completely prevent the effects of the explosion from larger explosive devices. However, the impact of weapons and explosions can be greatly reduced with building an effective defensive wall.

Even with the worst quality fillers, blast proof concrete walls wholesale provides substantial protection from direct fire and debris ammunition. The roof resists the explosion of large artillery and mortar shells, and thick-walled protection of arm fires and debris from ground explosions.


Characteristics of blast proof concrete walls

1. Aprecast graphite cage with galvanized welded "net steel with UV protection.

2. Polypropylene geotextile lining.

3. The filler material is a readily available mixture of sand and small stone.

4. It can be used together in any length and can be stacked with extra height.

blast proof concrete walls

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