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Application of 358 high security fence in prisons

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The outer wall of the prison requires a kind of anti-climbing fence, which is usually directly mounted on the ground and can reach a height of four to five meters, topped by a ring of wire rolling cage.The deployment of this kind of fence protection network is best to use the secret eye anti-climbing network, this anti-climbing network also known as 358 security fence, its mesh is very small, the finger can not reach, resulting in unable to climb, criminals want to over the wall and words are also blank stare.

Why is it called the 358 security fence? The high security fence is also known as the SCORAMESH, 358-proof fence and prison fence, "prison net" or "358 security fence".It states that because of their extremely difficult commercial and industrial nature to penetrate, they are extremely difficult to be threatened by intruders and therefore require an additional level of protection, where the small mesh effectively protects the fingers and is extremely difficult to attack with traditional hand tools.Add this type of fence to add razor wire, barbed wire or 358 mesh doors for immeasurable protection."358" comes from its measurement 3 "* 0.5" * 8 specifications, approximately 762mm×12.7mm×4mm.This is a professional structural design combined with steel frame galvanized or tension color.

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