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Anti Climb Security Fencing

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Anti Climb Security Fencing 


Anti climbing fence, also known as high safety fence, 358 fence, commonly known as anti climbing and anti climbing cutting. The use of high-quality carbon steel wire welded guardrail board can provide some privacy range. The huge high security fence is used to provide lasting and safe protection for public buildings. The high security fence can also be used with electrical alarm and detection system (closed circuit television without blind area), which is widely used in military, airport, prison and other places.

Anti Climb Security Fencing With Square Post

  1. post size:50*50mm;60*60mm;80*80mm;100*100mm.

  2. post height:2.0m,2.5m,2.8m,3m

  3. surface treatment:galvanized tube PVC coated



Anti Climb Security Fencing With  I Post


  1. post size:44*70mm;55*100mm

  2. post height:2.0m,2.5m,2.8m,3m

  3. surface treatment:galvanized tube PVC coated



  1. School

  2. power station

  3. commonality construction

  4. jail

  5. airport

  6. military base

  7. countryborder and other high security area and place

    Exra choose the angle steel,babred wire or razor wire fence to make more security.

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