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Airport wire fence

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Airport wire fence is a kind of airport fence mesh product made of low carbon steel wire welded mesh + column + barbed wire (optional) + diagonal bracing (optional). The airport fence produced by our company is made of mesh, column, barbed wire (optional) and diagonal bracing (optional) welded by low carbon steel wire.

Airport fence has beautiful appearance, generous, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and strong anti-climbing ability. Airport wire fence is mainly suitable for isolation protection, beautification and over-floating projects around the airport. The airport fence mesh adopts an assembled overall frame structure, which is beautiful in appearance, conducive to construction, convenient and quick to install.

Airport fence mesh is mainly used for protective nets, but also for roads, railways, protective belts on both sides of bridges, security protection for airports, ports, docks, parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads, residential areas in municipal construction. Isolation and protection, protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc.

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