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Airport Fence

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Introduction of airport fence products:

The airport fence is a high - level barrier product of safety and anti-theft connectors and hot galvanized blade spiny cages, which is a high level of strength and safety. In recent years, the airport fence has been widely used in airports, military bases and other high safety sites. (if the installation of blade barbed wire, razor barbed wire fence at the airport at the top and has a good effect on enhancing the security performance.)

Product specifications: raw materials: GB Q195, low carbon steel, cold drawing pipe etc.;

Wire diameter: 3.0m-6.5mm (DIP before), 3.8-7.6mm (dip after), with 3.5 / 4 / 4.2 / 4.5 / 5 mm more common; mesh size: 25 * 75mm-150 * 300mm; 50 x 100 / 75 x 150 / 60 x 120 / 50 x 150 most common bending; size: span 80mm / 100mm / 130mm / 150mm / 180mm / 200mm; curved height: 50-150mm; mesh size: 1800 x 1800 x 3000 2500+V 400mm / +V 400mm / 2000 x 3000+V 500mm or other dimensions;

Surface treatment: zinc plated wire / hot galvanized iron wire after welding and dipping; low carbon steel black wire after welding and dipping, after welding, electroplating / hot plating, galvanizing + spray painting, spray paint and so on, and plastic material is (PVC&PE).

Product features: bending increase appearance, while increasing the mesh strength, both on the top; 50CM "V" type with multi angle blade barbed wire, adding anti climbing and safety performance; automatic cross welded joints and no damage, corrosion resistance strong, strong joints; surface treatment of mature PE&PVC; material is non-toxic and harmless, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti drying, high and low temperature etc., up to 5-10 years of life in outdoor environment; product structure is simple, beautiful and practical, convenient transportation and installation, good anti-theft performance, the actual terrain constraints, for the mountain, slope, bending zone of strong adaptability and has the advantages of other structural fence incomparable. The cost is moderate and suitable for large area.

Product use: the airport fence is mainly used for the closure of the airport, the private area, the heavy military ground, the field area Seine, the isolation network of the development zone.

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