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3D wire mesh fence in the garden

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  Installing the 3D wire mesh fence in the garden is transparent, aesthetic and anti-theft. It not only reduces the cost of the wall, but also broadens the view of the house and garden yard. It is conceivable that if the wall is brickwork and reaches the height of the existing fence, it looks like a brick wall that passes through the window of the house.

   Now, with 3D wire mesh fence as a fence, flowers and trees, fields and woods outside can be seen at a glance.
Otherwise, the 3D wire mesh fence will bend and play a good role in preventing climbing. If you are not sure, you can add a wire mesh to prevent people from climbing.

Features of the 3D wire mesh fence:

     The 3D 3D wire mesh fence has a simple structure. It is mainly constructed of wire mesh and metal columns.
      Rugged panels do not sag or deform.
      Corrosion resistant, galvanized, PVC and powder coated for rust protection.
      Available in a variety of colors, such as green, black, blue, red, white, etc.
      The surface is smooth and has no sharp edges.
      Modern design of the V-shaped curve.
      According to the height of the panel, 2, 3, and 4 bending curves are available.
      Large open mesh holes have high visibility.
      It is easy to assemble by attaching the panel to the column using clips, screws, and washers.
      Maintenance free.
      long lasting.

Application range of :
      Industrial building fence.
      Airport, train station service area.
      Highway fence.
      Warehouse protection fence.
      School sports field, stadium.
      Garden, park security fence.
      Residential land.
      Agricultural safety fence.
      Animal fence fence.

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