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3D curved wire fence product introduction

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   3D curved wire fence refers to the network with triangular bending design of guardrail network type.It often cooperates with the peach shaped column, d-type column, h-type column, square tube column and circular tube column, which can be used side ear connection can also use special buckle connection.

3D curved wire fence technology refers to the mesh welding molding, through the automatic hydraulic equipment, along the mesh horizontal wire direction will be rolled out a v-shaped bending, based on the triangle stability principle, bending can greatly enhance the transverse strength of the mesh, but also can make the mesh more beautiful.

3D curved wire fence mesh hole is generally rectangular design, common specifications are:50*200mm, 75*200mm, 80*150mm, etc, usually in the bend to add welding a horizontal wire, in order to enhance the strength of the mesh.When the triangular bend guardrail net column is a peach column, the net piece is connected with the column hook type.The side lug connection mode can be selected when the square tube or round tube column is selected.When the column is d-type or h-type, buckle connection is required.

The surface antirust treatment has two kinds of technology: dipping and spraying.The surface anti-rust treatment technology is advanced, and the two anti-rust processes can guarantee the product's beauty and service life.

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