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3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence

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    3D curved fence is made with low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It is also called curve security fence or 3D welded wire curved security fence. Except the welded wire mesh panel, there are post and other components to combine the whole fence. Because of the special structure of designed with bend, the security fence will be difficult to climb.


    The 3D curved fence is a kind of heavy welded wire mesh panels. The wire diameter is thicker than the normal welded wire mesh. So, it has the feature of wear resistance and rust resistance. Taking into the color account, we can provide different colors for customers to choose.


    Because of the beautiful surface and protection ability, the 3D curved fence is becoming popular in the market. With the newly designed structure, 3D curved security fence is widely used for airport, factory, residence, garden, hospital, parking lot, railway station, park, warehouse, military site fencing.


    Also, if necessary, the top of the 3D curved welded wire mesh fence can install the barbed wire or razor barbed wire for protection. This kind fence often used for important place, such as airport, military site, government and so on. 

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